West Side Story Vocal Score


West Side Story Vocal Score


West Side Story Vocal Score
With vocal melody, lyrics, piano reduction and introductory text.

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Arthur Laurents
Based on a Concept of Jerome Robbins

9 x 12 in. 222 pages.

Song List:
1. Prologue (Instrumental) 
2. Jet Song (Riff and Jets) 
2a. Jet Song Chase (Instrumental) 
3. Something's Coming (Tony) 
3a. Something's Coming Chase (Instrumental) 
4. Blues (Instrumental) 
4a. Promenade (Instrumental) 
4b. Mambo (Instrumental) 
4c. Cha-Cha (Instrumental) 
4d. Meeting Scene (Underscore) 
4e. Jump (Underscore) 
5. Maria (Tony) 
6. Balcony Scene (Maria and Tony) 
7. America (Anita, Rosalia and Girls) 
7a. America to Drugstore (Instrumental) 
8. Cool (Riff and Jets) 
8a. Cool Chase (Instrumental) 
8b. Under Dialogue and Change of Scene (Underscore and Instrumental) 
9. Under Dialogue (Underscore) 
9a. One Hand, One Heart (Marriage Scene: Tony and Maria) 
10. Tonight (Maria, Tonynita, Riff, Bernardo, Sharks and Jets) 
11. The Rumble (Instrumental) 
12. I Feel Pretty (Maria, Francisca, Rosalia, Consuela) 
13. Under Dialogue (Underscore, Tony) 
13a. Ballet Sequence (Tony amd Maria) 
13b. Transition to Scherzo (Instrumental) 
13c. Scherzo (Instrumental) 
13d. Somewhere (A Girl) 
13e. Procession and Nightmare (Entire Company, Instrumental, Maria and Tony) 
14. Gee, Officer Krupke (Jets) 
14a. Change of Scene (Instrumental) 
15. A Boy Like That and I Have A Love (Maria and Anita) 
15a. Change of Scene (Instrumental) 
16. Taunting Scene (Underscore and Instrumental) 
17. Finale (Maria and Tony) 

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